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There must be room for work, family and growth ambitions. So says a new entrepreneurial duo who have built a Danish design brand in their spare time, without external investor capital - and with a simple mission: to make it just a little bit more exclusive and zen-like to take an outdoor bath in the garden or summer house.

Less than 1 year ago, Nordic Seashell was just an entrepreneurial idea between two friends. Now the company is a reality and ready to conquer the hearts of consumers and the market for outdoor shower solutions. Initially in Denmark

For Mads Bilenberg and Thomas Wisborg, it's all about offering a product that combines design, functionality and durability. According to the two co-founders of Nordic Seashell, this mix is not easy to find today. Especially if you are looking for a complete outdoor shower solution for your summer house or garden.

- It was actually a simple google search that clinched it for us. That we decided to put our own design into production. Because it is practically impossible to find a complete solution where you can take a shower in the garden or on the terrace undisturbed. Either you have to build a screen yourself, or you have to compromise on design and quality. And we imagine that many homeowners don't want to do that, says Mads Bilenberg. A few years ago, he had the outdoor shower produced for his parents' architect-designed summer house on Bornholm.

  • Nordic Seashell outdoor shower - drone photo taken from summer house on the South Sea Islands
    Nordic Seashell Outdoor Shower
    24.000 kr.

The two entrepreneurs have just launched their own webshop, where it is now possible for bath-hungry Danes to order the first design, which is clad in sustainable natural wood. And produced in collaboration with local suppliers from Bornholm.

Start-up with room for family and career
You can also customize your own Nordic Seashell outdoor shower if you, for example, as a holiday home owner, have special wishes for design and materials.

- The ambition is to eventually develop the portfolio of products that support the basic conch-shaped design. And as ambitious entrepreneurs, it is of course also a goal to take Nordic Seashell beyond national borders, says Thomas Wisborg.

But the growth ambitions will never be at the expense of family and professional life, which both founders have on the side, they point out.

- There's a slightly strange paradigm in parts of the entrepreneurial community that, roughly speaking, you can only succeed if you risk your entire retirement savings, health, career and family life. As much as we love The Lion's Den, the TV show has added extra power to that narrative. Of course, you often sit late into the evening working on your start-up. But the idea that you're only a real entrepreneur if you throw up from fatigue when you finally hit the pillow is a cliché, says Thomas Wisborg and continues:

- We will never compromise on customer service, quality and our privacy. So rather adjust growth ambitions, turnover and profit margins.

See the design - and order our outdoor shower here
Nordic Seashell is a stylish, functional and durable outdoor shower built in collaboration with local producers on Bornholm. Made from sustainable natural wood from forests in Finland - close to the Arctic Circle. The outdoor shower includes shower system/fixture + free shipping + a gift card of DKK 1,000, which can be used in the webshop for the rest of the spring and all summer.

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