Nordic Seashell Outdoor Shower

24.000 kr.

Nordic Seashell is a stylish, functional and durable outdoor shower built in collaboration with local producers on Bornholm. Made of sustainable natural wood from forests in Finland - close to the Arctic Circle. The price includes a shower system/fixture. For shipping to specific European countries and USA please calculate the price in the Shopping Cart.  

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Take a nice shower on the terrace, in the garden, in the summer house - or wherever the sun hits you best. Completely undisturbed. The design-protected enclosure is made of acid-proof stainless steel clad in durable, all-weather wood. The Nordic Seashell shower enclosure is 100% pure Danish design and craftsmanship - and comes fully assembled with acomplete shower system/fixture from Oras. Also available mirrored for the same price. Base/underlay is not included. (Current delivery time: 3-4 weeks)

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Design: Nordic Seashell ApS

Length: approx. 160 cm

Height: 185-195 cm (choose your own height)

Width: approx. 135 cm

Shower room: From (95 * 120 cm) to (105 * 135 cm)

Entrance: From 55 to 70 cm

Dimensions in general: The above dimensions with built-in flexibility mean that you can adjust the steel frame slightly, which is why, for example, you can have larger/smaller entrance and/or shower rooms.

Weight: approx. 100 kg fully assembled (without pallet). 135 kg with pallet. Can be lifted with 2 handles, which are included.

Frame: Stainless steel (A2). Acid resistant to rain, minus salt water

Mobility: delivered pre-assembled on a pallet including two temporary handles so that after delivery two people can lift the product to the desired location.

Wood: 89 pieces of natural wood slats (Scots pine/pinewood) from Finland, forests near the Arctic Circle.

Shower system/fixture: Oras Nova 7402 shower system, chrome

  • Thermostatic shower system with Ø 20 cm overhead shower
  • Ø 9.5 cm hand shower
  • Shower hose, shower rail and thermostatic mixer
  • The shower rod can be adjusted in length
  • User thermostat is equipped with scald protection
  • Flow regulation with Ecoflow
  • Anti-limescale technology: The head and hand shower are equipped with easy-to-clean silicone nozzles. See further specifications. (Note: Not frost-free - see instructions under the "connection and drainage" tab).

Opt out of the shower system/fixture: If you do not want a shower system, you can enter the discount code no shower system. The price will be deducted automatically.

Wood quality: Due to the cold of the Arctic Circle, trees grow particularly slowly at these latitudes. This makes the wooden slats particularly durable in all weathers. 

Appearance: A few years ago we had the outdoor shower designed and built for our own use. The prototype has been on the terrace of a summer house on Bornholm for about 8 years. The wood naturally acquires a beautiful patina over the years. See photos on this page, where you can compare with a newly produced model.

Sustainability: We use PEFC certified wood sourced from forests managed in accordance with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements.

Assembly: The shower solution is delivered as a complete unit ready to install. Easily mounted to the surface via 6 built-in steel feet. See picture

Delivery: Free delivery to mainland Denmark and all Danish islands (does not apply to Greenland and the Faroe Islands). We also deliver to France, Spain, Germany, Holland and Sweden via the webshop. See prices under check-out. For delivery to other countries, please contact us. Or calculate shipping in the checkout-page. 

Maintenance: The outdoor shower from Nordic Seashell is delivered maintenance-free, as we have already applied a transparent linseed oil. However, it is advantageous to reapply oil after 4-5 years.

Suppliers: Nordic Seashell is produced on Bornholm in collaboration with Ingvard from Trio Nexø (steel frame) and Hans Henrik from Østerlars Savværk (wooden slats)

Design rights: Our outdoor shower is EU design protected (EUIPO) with a registered Community design (RCD)

Mirrored Model: If you want a mirrored model, this can be ordered at the same price. Please write "Mirrored" in the order comment.

Not included. Base/substrate and plumbing works, including connection of water (cold/hot) and securing of drains.

(NB: Water connection must always be carried out by an authorized plumber See more under the tab "connection and drainage".)

Connection and drainage

Where you choose to place your outdoor shower will always be individual from place to place. This has implications for drainage and water connection. Therefore, it is important that youALWAYS use an authorized plumber. We are of course ready to help, so get your local plumber to contact us. Or make use of one of our local plumbing partners.

Good advice: 

  1. With an outdoor shower, it's important to remember to turn off the water in winter and empty pipes and hoses to avoid burst pipes. And bring the shower system inside. You can also get a dedicated frost-free shower system if you want to use your outdoor shower during the winter months. We are happy to help with recommendations and research. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 
  2. Remember to position your outdoor shower so that there is access to hot/cold water. (Ask and use your plumber)
  3. Check with your plumber that there is a possibility to divert the water.Read more good advice here: Bolius Knowledge Center
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