Unique outdoor shower for the garden or cottage

Nordic Seashell is deeply rooted in Danish design and inspired by the almost superior aesthetics, functionality and durability of conch. Quality materials and good craftsmanship are the cornerstones of our shower solution, creating the optimal setting for wellness under the open sky.

Nordic Seashell outdoor shower - drone photo taken from summer house on the South Sea Islands


The outdoor shower includes a complete shower system in a beautiful design. Country specifik price inkl. shipping can be calculated at checkout. Current delivery time 3-4 weeks.  

About us

It is difficult to find a design that meets the requirements of quality, sustainability and aesthetics. That's why we created Nordic Seashell.


Our Outdoor Shower in stainless steel is built in cooperation with local manufacturers from Bornholm. We use certified quality wood.

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Straight from the beach, pool or wilderness bath - and then into the hot shower. Take a trip past the conch as it looks newly installed in a holiday home on the South Sea islands.

Please contact us if you would like to book a viewing in our showroom in Dragør or on Bornholm.

Info@nordicseashell.com / +45 31393877

About us

Outdoor shower from Bornholm

Bornholm is not only one of Denmark's most beautiful areas. The sunshine island is also versatile in so many different ways in terms of culture, nature and activities. The Nordic Seashell outdoor shower reflects our love for Bornholm.

From idea to reality

Who doesn't love being outdoors in summer - and taking a nice bath in the open air. Whether it's in the garden or the cottage? But it's not easy to find an outdoor shower with a screen that meets our high standards of sustainability, durability, functionality and aesthetics. That's why we created Nordic Seashell.

Certified sustainable

Nordic Seashell is made from sustainable materials of the highest quality. The wooden slats are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance. We use PEFC-certified wood, which comes from forests that are managed in accordance with the strictest environmental, social and economic requirements. 

Local producers

We work with local manufacturers who build all the elements for our design-protected product. For example, the wooden slats are produced by Østerlars Sawmill with natural wood from pine forests in Finland - close to the the Arctic Circle.

Love for Bornholm

We are deeply attached to the rocky island of Bornholm. Nature has been our great source of inspiration for the design. While the culture, the special Bornholm mentality, has led us to choose local suppliers who are known throughout Denmark for delivering sublime craftsmanship. 

How to do it  

We offer 360-degree customer service.
Contact us: info@nordicseashell.com / +45 31393877

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    Do you have any questions? We have answers

    We have gathered the questions we get asked the most at Nordic Seashell. But don't hesitate to contact us at info@nordicseashell.com or give us a call on +45 31 39 38 77 if you want to know more about anything. 

    Who is Nordic Seashell?

    Nordic Seashell is a completely new brand within Outdoor Showers. We want to offer a new dimension to showering outdoors. And we want to do it with respect for the environment, aesthetics and comfort. We are inspired by the almost superior aesthetics, functionality and durability of conch. And we're deeply rooted in proud Danish design traditions. Quality materials and good craftsmanship are the cornerstones of our shower solution, allowing you to create your own undisturbed wellness space.

    Behind Nordic Seashell are Mads Bilenberg and Thomas Wisborg, who run the webshop. Find contact details here.

    How to order?

    We've made it as easy as possible to order our Outdoor Showers via the webshop. You can order directly from the front page or under the menu item "SHOP". If you have questions about payment, the product itself, etc., you can read more under terms and conditions or the product description

    What is included in the price?

    The shower solution is delivered fully assembled and includes shower system/fixture from Oras.  For shipping to France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, USA and the Netherlands there are fixed prices for shipping. See the prices in the shopping Cart where you can calculate. In addition, you get a product that is produced locally in Denmark from the best materials - including sustainable PEFC-certified wood. Wooden floor is not included. Neither is the installation of water or securing of drains. Remember to contact your plumber

    What is unique about your outdoor shower?

    Try a simple google search: outdoor shower, Outdoor shower, outdoor bath or similar - and see if you can find products that meet your quality, design and sustainability requirements. It's hard. We've got design protection on an outdoor shower with screen, which is exactly the solution we'd like to have ourselves in our own garden and cottage. Our mission has been to create a quality product that offers 100% wellness and quality time after a walk on the beach, in the wilderness pool or the swimming pool.

    Can I opt out of the shower system/fixture?

    Yes. And of course you get the purchase price deducted. Just enter the discount code - nejtaktilbrusesystem - when you're making your purchase, and the price (our purchase price) will be automatically deducted.

    Can I connect water and drainage myself?

    No, you must always use an authorised plumber for the connection of water (cold/hot). The same applies to the drain for the water coming from the shower. You can always contact one of our plumbing partners - where you can also read more about what it takes to connect water.


    Is the shower system/fixture frost-free?

    No, you should always remember to turn off the water and empty the pipes and hoses as you approach the winter months. If you want to bathe outdoors in winter too, you can always opt out of our shower system - and buy your own. You'll get the price deducted, of course. Please note that there are not many dedicated frost-free shower systems on the market, and they are expensive. But we're happy to help with research if you need it. 

    What payment options do I have?

    You can use the most common credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and Maestro. And you can pay with Mobile Pay. You can also pay in instalments with Viabill if you want to split the amount. 


    Is it safe to shop with you?

    Yes, our website is encrypted, so your payment details are completely safe. You can see this in the top left corner, where you have typed our website address. Click on this little padlock. We use the payment solution of the Danish provider Pensopay, which complies with all requirements and rules for secure online commerce. Read more here


    What guarantee do you give?

    We stand behind our product 100%. We have also carefully selected suppliers who have the same high quality standards as us. If you are not satisfied with your outdoor shower, you can cancel your purchase within the first 2 weeks. And you also have a 2-year guarantee for your product, during which you can make a claim for any defects. 

    What about measurements/size ratios?

    Length approx. 160 cm
    185-195 cm (choose your own height)
    approx. 135 cm
    Shower rooms:
    From (95 * 120 cm) to (105 * 135 cm)
    From 55 to 70 cm

    (The above measurements with built-in flexibility mean that you can adjust the shower cubicle/steel frame a little yourself, so that you can have larger/smaller entrance and/or shower rooms, for example.)

    What about delivery?

    It should be easy to shop with us. That's why we offer free delivery to all of Denmark (excluding non-Brookfast Islands, Greenland and the Faroe Islands). Our delivery time for the Nordic Seashell outdoor shower is typically between 2-4 weeks and will always be stated specifically for each product when you place your order in our webshop. In connection with the industrial holiday week 27-31, there will be a longer delivery time. See the current delivery time for each product in the webshop. The shower solution is delivered fully assembled on a pallet. We offer shipping to Sweden, Germany, France, Holland and Spain via the webshop. See prices in check-out. If you are coming from other countries, please contact us to find a shipping price. 


    Can I lift the product myself to the desired location - after delivery?

    The solution is delivered to the curb (see terms of trade) and includes two temporary handles that you can use to lift the shower solution to the destination of your choice. Please note that the cone-shaped cabin weighs approximately 100 kilos (without pallet), so two people are required to lift it onwards. 

    What about maintenance?

    The outdoor shower from Nordic Seashell is delivered maintenance-free, as we have already applied a transparent linseed oil. You can reapply the oil after 4-5 years.

    What about bottom/underlay?

    It is most obvious to place your Outdoor Shower on the terrace. That is why the base is not included in our solution. But if you are thinking of placing it somewhere else, please give us a call. We will be happy to give you advice on what you can use as a base. 

    What is the quality of the wooden slats?

    To withstand the forces of nature, our choice of materials is uncompromising. And only the best will do. We've used wood for the unique conch design, which comes from pine forests near the Arctic Circle in Finland - and is sustainably produced, as evidenced by the wood's PEFC certification. Because of the cold in these latitudes, the wood is of exceptionally high quality and particularly resistant to wind and weather. The Nordic Seashell outdoor shower can therefore be left outside in all weathers all year round due to the wood's unique durability.


    Does the outside shower change its appearance over the years?

    The natural wood that covers the Nordic Seashell outdoor shower gets a beautiful patina over the years. When new, the wood is light in colour - year after year it takes on a darker, greyish hue, which is perfectly natural. See photos on this page, where you can see the difference between our outdoor shower, which has been in our own summer house on Bornholm for 5 years - and a newly produced model.

    Do you have a showroom where the outdoor shower can be seen?

    Yes. You are more than welcome to visit our showrooms in Dragør or on Bornholm and get a demonstration. Just contact us at info@nordicseashell.com or
    +45 31 39 38 77 and we will find a time in the calendar.

    Do you make shower solutions on-demand?

    We can help if you have special requests for design and materials. Together with our skilled suppliers from Bornholm, we can produce exactly the solution that matches your needs. Would you like to know more - or have you already made up your mind? Give us a call on +45 31 39 38 77 or send an email to info@nordicseashell.com. If you want to talk to either Mads Bilenberg or Thomas Wisborg, you can find our contact details here. 

    Can your Outdoor Shower be mirrored?

    Yes, you can. Just write "inverted" in the comments box when ordering. The price is the same.

    Is Nordic Seashell Outdoor Shower design protected?

    Yes. Our outdoor shower is EU design protected (EUIPO) with a registered EC design (RCD)

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    Nordic Seashell Outdoor Shower Bornholm 1
    Nordic Seashell now offers screenings in two locations in Denmark. Contact us for booking in Dragør or on Bornholm.
    Nordic Seashell Outdoor Shower seen from above. Outdoor shower in conch design
    Less than a year ago, Nordic Seashell was just an entrepreneurial idea between two friends.

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    Plumbing tips for your outdoor shower

    You should always have a licensed plumber come by so you can safely and easily connect water and secure drains.

    Use your plumber

    Before you're ready to take that first shower in the sun, give your local plumber a call. You'll need him to install water and secure drains.

    We are happy to help

    You and your plumber can always contact us if you have any questions about the Nordic Seashell shower solution.

    Extra tips

    It is always important to turn off the water in winter (drain pipes and hoses) to avoid frost cracked pipes. 

    cooperation partners

    You can always give our plumbing partners a call, who can easily handle the job.

    Pure luxury under the open sky

    With Nordic Seashell you can easily and undisturbed bathe in the fresh air when the budding spring and the hot summer are just around the corner.

    We have taken care to create a stylish design with carefully selected quality materials that provide a natural setting for your outdoor bath.

    100% pure quality time and wellness for you! 

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