Outdoor shower inspired by natures own design

Shells are among the most remarkable designs found in nature – and they are said to be symbols of birth, good fortune and resurrection. Fascinated by the beauty and functionality of the seashell our mission is to offer sustainable outdoor solutions deeply rooted in the traditions of Scandinavian Design. 


The unique design is made of spruce from forests in Finland – close to the Arctic Circle. We only use sustainable timber of the highest quality approved within the PEFC-Certificat. Our product is EUIPO-design protected.

Our story

It is not easy to find designproducts which both fulfill the demand of sustainability and aesthetics. Thats why we have created the unique design of Nordic Seashell.

Nordic Seashell Outdoor Shower set fra oven. Udendørs bruser i konkylieformet design


The complete design solution comes at the price of 24.000 dkk. For ordering and shipping outside Denmark please get in touch for more information. Info@nordicseashell.com or +45 31 39 38 77

Ready to order your own Nordic Seashell?

Please don´t hesitate to contact us. Notice that it is not possible yet to order directly at the webshop outside Denmark. But please contact us and we will find a solution for ordering and shipping outside Denmark. 

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(+45)  31393877


    Our story

    Timber from natures
    own design

    Bornholm is not simply one of the most beautiful spots of Denmark. It is also versatile in so many different ways in terms of culture, nature and things to do. The unique design of Nordic Seashell is incapsulated in our love for the Island of Bornholm.

    from idea to reality

    As most people we love to stay outside during summer. That includes the satisfaction of taking a shower in the sun. However it is not easy to find designsolutions which both fulfil our demands of sustainability and aesthetics. That is why we have created Nordic Seashell. 

    Certified Sustainable

    Nordic Seashell is made by sustainable materials at the best quality. The carefully selected timber from spruce guarantees the best properties and a minimum of maintenance. In addition it is PEFC-certified by which the forests implied always are sustained by new trees.

    Local manufactures

    We collaborate with local manufactures producing the elements of the unique design. The steel frame is handmade by one the local blacksmidths – Trio Nexø – in Bornholm. And the wooden slats are produced by Oesterlars Sawmill using spruce from forests in Finland – close to the Arctic Circle.  

    Embrassing Bornholm

    As founders of Nordic Seashell we are are deeply attached Bornholm. Even though now living in the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen – we celebrate this amazing Island building locally manufactured design solutions for Outdoor shower.

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